Laura Kuenssberg Bio – Age, Married, Husband, Baby and Legs

Laura Kuenssberg Bio – Age, Married, Husband, Baby and Legs

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— Tuesday, February 7th, 2017


 A well-known journalist, Laura Kuenssberg (age 41years) is currently the political editor for BBC News. According to Laura Kuennsberg bio, she was born as Laura Juliet Kuenssberg in 1976 in Italy. According to her wiki, her ethnicity is British. She is a daughter of a Scottish Businessman, Nick Kuenssberg and mother Sally Kuenssberg. She attended the University of Edinburg where she studied journalism. She completed her course in journalism from the Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Previously, she has worked in the sector of Radio and undertaken the responsibilities of a reporter, affair editor and correspondent for BBC News and many other networks. 

Before joining BBC North East Cumbria in 2000 she started her career by working for local radio and cable television. She moved to BBC news after working shortly for Channel 4. As BBC’s chief political correspondent she reported BBC News, BBC one and Daily Politics. On September 11, she took the job of business editor for ITV. On 12th Nov 2013 she returned to BBC as chief correspondent and a presenter of ‘Newsnight.' On July
2015 BBC approved her as their political editor. So she became the first female to hold the position in BBC.

Is Laura Kuenssberg Married? Who is Her Husband? 

Currently at the age of 41 years, Laura Kuenssberg is a married woman. Her husband is James Kelly who is a management consultant. James had studied at Edinburg and also attended Harvard. There has been no info regarding her baby. The couple is believed to be living a happy family life. 

Net Worth and Salary

Laura Kuennsberg salary was £ 200000 per year before she was appointed as the first female political editor for BBC. So, after she was assigned a new role, it is obvious that she is getting more. Considering her salary, Laura Kuennsberg net worth must be in millions of dollars. Her show has an average of 600,000 viewers in the current year. This had also led to a bit of a controversy back in 2014 when her salary was revealed to the media. They have a great home in East London that they can afford through her net worth.