Is Louis Walsh Gay and has boyfriend or married with wife and has children

Is Louis Walsh Gay and has boyfriend or married with wife and has children

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— Friday, February 10th, 2017

Allegation of Louis Walsh Assaulting a man in toilet of Night Club

When the news broke out that Louis had assaulted a man in toilet of a Dublin nightclub, his fans wondered is Louis Walsh gay. The news was printed by The Sun newspaper. The news of assault was a blow to his career which led him to think of suicide. But then he decided to fight back and dragged the issue to the court. Fortunately, Louis not only got apology from lawyers of The Sun but he was also given over 400000 pound as compensation. It was a dance teacher Leonard Watters who led people to think Louis Walsh is gay as he was the one that accused Louis of assaulting him in Krystle nightclub in 2011.  

Is Louis Walsh Married and Has Wife or Dating With Boyfriend?

The 63 years old Louis Walsh is not a married man and has no wife. The rumors shined on the internet about Louis Walsh marriage with Caroline Flack who is the presenter of The X Factor. His personal life made confused to his fans. Since Louis and Caroline were seen in a wedding dress, his fans
thought them as a married couple. But Louis has not been dating with anyone.  What might be the reason for him not getting married even at the age of 63? Some people believed to hide his sexual orientation. He is staying away from relationships and not marrying with anyone. He had close relationship with his X Factor partner Simon Cowell but they are not dating. He has not adopted any children. He is not having any talks with English pop band but Only the Young.

Won Case Over The Sun Newspaper

In Dublin the famous man was unluckily trapped into the controversy of sexually assaulting a man in the toilets of a nightclub. Therefore, people think him as a gay. The Sun newspaper unevenly spread false rumors about him. After fighting the case, at last, he won it. The rumors and controversy greatly affected him in his career and personal life. He went on depressions. Despite such hatred behavior from the public, he fought and proved the rumors untrue. He was rewarded more than £400,000 for his damages and costs. Simon Cowell in a morning TV show has spoken that Louis is definitely not gay.