Bates Family Birthday Order Chart, Erin Bates Age, Bio and Baby

Bates Family Birthday Order Chart, Erin Bates Age, Bio and Baby

Bates Family Birthday Order Chart, Erin Bates Age, Erin Bates Bio, Erin Bates Baby

— Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Date of Birth : May 2nd, 1991
Age :30 Years old
Net Worth :N/A
Married :Husband: Chad Paine
Height :N/A
According to Erin Bates bio, Erin bates Paine (age 25years) is a reality star who was born on May 2, 1991. She is best known as a reality star on the Up TV reality series “Bringing up Bates”. She was one of the titular characters of the show. Erin first appeared on the 1st season in 2015 of the show. Form then she has been quite popular and has gained fame in the industry. She is one of the beautiful ladies in the show which has attracted thousands of viewers of the show. She has a very large number of fans and followers. With Erin Bates husband, she has 2 babies.

Early Life and Career
She is a graduate from Crown College of the Bible with a Bachelor’s Degree in music ministry. She completed her graduation in the year 2014. She was born to father Gil and mother Kelly Jo Bates in Tennessee. She holds the American citizenship which makes her nationality to be an American and she is of white ethnicity. Erin is a reality star of the show “Bringing up Bates”. It is an American reality television shown on Up TV which was announced in October 2014 and the series debuted on January 1, 2015. The show is about Erin Bates family updates and all the family members of the Bates family are in the show. Erin appeared in the first in the first season of the show.

Erin Bates Wedding, Pregnant and Baby
erin bates paine baby

Erin is a married lady. Erin Bates and Chad Paine (also known as Charles Stephen Paine III) got married in November 2013. Their first child is a son whom they named Charles IV “Carson” and their second child was a daughter who is recently born in August 6, 2016 and she has been named Brooklyn. We can see their photos in many websites. Erin and her family are living very happy family life and the family lives in Tennessee. Erin and Chad both are very happy with each other and love each other very much. There is no any rumor of them getting separated or divorced any soon since they are living very happily. Chad seems to be quite a religious person and believes in god. Talking about her net worth, she hasn’t revealed her net worth or salary yet. But being a popular star of the reality show
her net worth is estimated to be over a million.

Bates Family Birth Order Chart
Gil Bates (Birthday: January 1, 1965) Married Kelly Jo Bates (Birthday: October 26, 1966)
Gil and Kelly Jo Bates Children
1. Zachary "Zach" Gilvin Bates
Birthday: December 30, 1988
     Married to: Whitney (Perkins) Bates
     Birthday: September 21,1993
Their Children    
#1: Bradley Gilvin Bates
     Birthday: October 29, 2014
     #2: Kaci Lynn Bates
     Birthday: June 20, 2016
2. Michael "Michaela" Christian (Bates) Keilen
Birthday: January 23, 1990
     Married to: Brandon Timothy Keilen
     Birthday: September 15, 1989
3. Erin Elise (Bates) Paine
Birthday: May 2, 1991
     Married to: Charles "Chad" Stephen Paine III
     Birthday: April 18, 1987
Their Children
     #1: Charles "Carson" Stephen Paine IV 
     Birthday: May 14, 2015
     #2: Brooklyn Elise Paine
     Birthday: August 6, 2016
4. William "Lawson" Bates
Birthday: July 27, 1992
5. Kenneth "Nathan" Nathaniel Bates
Birthday: August 29, 1993
6. Alyssa Joy (Bates) Webster
Birthday: November 9, 1994
     Married to: John Webster
     Birthday: November 21, 1989
Their Children
     #1: Allie Jane Webster
     Birthday: April 11, 2015
7. Tori Layne Bates
Birthday: December 20, 1995
8. Trace Whitfield Bates
Birthday: February 1, 1997
9. Carlin Brianne Bates
Birthday: April 11, 1998
10. Josie Kellyn Bates
Birthday: August 4, 1999
11. Katie Grace Bates
Birthday: October 5, 2000
12. Jackson Ezekiel Bates
Birthday: February 17, 2002
13. Warden Justice Bates
Birthday: May 19, 2003
14. Isaiah Courage Bates
Birthday: October 16, 2004
15. Addallee Hope Bates
Birthday: February 17, 2006
16. Ellie Bridget Bates
Birthday: April 28, 2007
17. Callie-Anna Rose Bates
Birthday: August 2, 2009
18. Judson Wyatt Bates
Birthday: September 15, 2010
19. Jeb Colton Bates
Birthday: February 1, 2012
Being a popular and a very beautiful reality star, Erin has thousands of fans and followers who are always eager to know more about her personal and professional life. She is very active in her social media accounts such as facebook, Twitter and instagram as she keeps on posting pictures and updates recent activities of her. We can see her pictures with her husband and children in her social accounts. Erin Bates bio can be found in websites like Wikipedia and IMDb which has given information about her personal and professional life.