Wolf Blitzer Bio – Age, Wife, Salary and Net worth

Wolf Blitzer Bio – Age, Wife, Salary and Net worth

Wolf Blitzer Bio, Wolf Blitzer Age, Wolf Blitzer Wife, Wolf Blitzer Salary, Wolf Blitzer Net worth

— Sunday, February 19th, 2017


Wolf Isaac Blitzer is the most important political anchor from CNN. He is the German-American Political journalist who has more than five decades of experience in journalism. According to Wolf Blitzer bio, he was born in Augsburg, Germany on March 22, 1948. He is the son of Jewish refugee from Poland. Wolf parents were David, a home builder 

He is known for covering several Political issues from the smallest disputes to the largest feuds. Recently he presents CNN's talk program "Situation Room" and "Newsroom". He eventually started serving for CNN since 1990.
He officially began his professional journalism career in the late 1970s serving of Reuter news agency. Eventually he had scouted by English-Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post, where Wolf used to serve over two decades.

Net worth and Salary

When compared to a lot of television personalities, Wolf is quite rich. Wolf Blitzer net worth is $16 million dollars according to the Richest.com and also some other net worth providing wiki sites. According to the reuters.com, Wolf Blitzer salary from CNN is $3 million dollars annually. Recently some unproven websites covered it at $5 million dollars. The veteran media personality also has a luxurious life and lavish lifestyle. Since 1993, he is living in a lavish house that is worth
$3 million dollars. The house is well-furnished and luxurious and is located in Bethesda, Maryland.

Is Wolf Married? Who is his Wife?

Wolf is a married person. In the year of 1973, Blitzer married his girlfriend Lynn Greenfield. Together the couple had one daughter, Ilana Blitzer. Some sources suggest that few years ago, there was a rumor about the Wolf Blitzer getting divorce from his wife. Immediately, Blitzer wife and himself jointly addressed to the mass telling the rumor to be false.  
Unlike Blitzer, his wife Greenfield remained out of the media's attention. Wolf wife is a famous gardener and spends most of the time serving in her gardens. They have had a happy married life. The two can be seen attending relevant parties and dinners together.
He is a happy married man and lives with his wife and children happily in his house at Maryland. 

Wiki and Facts

The senior CNN journalist recently holds the American nationality. But he is of the Ashkenazi Jewish. He spent his valuable five decades for the journalism industry and still successful working. Wolf Blitzer height is 5 feet and 9 inches. Still he seems young, healthy and handsome. He is mostly active on his Twitter accounts where one got more information about him as well.