Trey Wingo Net worth, Height, Bio and Family

Trey Wingo Net worth, Height, Bio and Family

Trey Wingo Net worth, Trey Wingo Height, Trey Wingo Bio, Trey Wingo Family

— Saturday, February 18th, 2017


There are a lot of talented anchors and hosts in the sports industry. Trey Wingo is one of such renowned personalities in the field who co-hosted the ESPN’s ‘Sportscentre.' He also used to be a host for the NCAA Tournament for Women. According to Trey Wingo bio, he was born on September 19, 1963. He is a 53-year-old American journalist.

In 1987, he began his career after joining NBC for the ‘News at Sunrise’ in New York, NY. He has worked for several other TV networks over time like WMGC-TV, WFMZ-TV, WICZ-TV and KSDK-TV. Presently he hosts the NFL Primetime and ESPN’s ‘Who’s no. 1?’ His voice is very unique in the world of sports. His voice has been used in various video games like ESPN NFL 2K5.

Net Worth and Salary

Trey Wingo is one of the most prominent sports host in the broadcasting world. Trey Wingo net worth is estimated at around $700 thousand dollars. The salary that contributes to his huge net worth, however, is yet to be reviewed. It is not even presented at her wiki bio pages. Trey also has other economic prospects, instead of
his formal career as a host. He also has voiced on various sports games. He lent his voice to EA sports as another financial venture.

Is Trey Wingo Married? Who is his Wife?

Trey Wingo is certainly a charming personality on television. He is happily married to his long time wife, Janice Parmelee. There is not much information that we know about any other members of his family. He has only one son named Chappy Wingo. Trey is a very secretive man when it comes down to his family and personal life. So we do not know too much about his private life. Although there have not been reports of family problems from his side. So it can be understood that he lives a perfectly satisfying private life.

Wiki and Facts

Trey Wingo height is 5 feet and 8 inches. His father is Hal Chappy Wingo Jr. who is the founding editor of the Peoples magazine. He was raised in Greenwich, Connecticut, US. Trey is also renowned for his charity works besides journalism. He is mostly connected with Cancer-related things like Prostate Cancer Foundation and Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research.