Richard Quest Net worth, Salary, Wiki and Gay

Richard Quest Net worth, Salary, Wiki and Gay

Richard Quest Net worth, Richard Quest Salary, Richard Quest Wiki, Richard Quest Gay

— Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Date of Birth : Mar 9th, 1962
Age :59 Years old
Net Worth :$ 4 million dollars
Height :6 feet 2 inch
Richard Quest is a journalist, anchor and reporter of English nationality who has been working in the New York city. He has been known best for being the anchor of Quest Means Business as well as the host of CNN Business Traveler. With a successful career, Richard Quest salary is huge which has boosted his net worth. According to Richard Quest Wiki, he was born on the 9th of March, 1962 and his current age is known to be 54 years. He was born in Liverpool, England and was enrolled in the Roundhay School as well in the Airedale and Wharfedale College for his education. After school graduation, he studied at the University of Leeds and graduated with a degree in Law LLB on 1983.

Quest started his career as a trainee in BBC on 1985. He became the North America business correspondent in BBC then. Later he worked with the BBC News 24 Channel and became the presenter of the Business Morning Breakfast.
He joined CNN on 2001 and has been the host of 500 Questions, The CNN Quiz Show: The Seventies Edition and has covered events about the British Royal Family as well. He currently works as the anchor of Business Traveller and Quest Means Business.

Is Richard Quest
Is Richard Quest gay? This question had been revolving around the news tabloids for a long time. Richard Quest gay rumors started circulating around after he was never known to have been married, nor being in a relationship with any girlfriend. The question to is Richard Quest gay gained a positive answer when he came out as a closeted gay man in CNN on 26th of June, 2014. Richard Quest gay rumors became a truth when he came out about being closeted on his show Quest Means Business. However, who is Richard Quest partner has never surfaced on the news tabloids. He was arrested with drug and sex toy in a park last year. 

Net Worth and Salary
Richard Quest net worth is $ 4 million dollars while Richard Quest salary is assumed to be 400 thousand dollars. Richard Quest net worth has increased considerably over the years to be able to reach this amount. Richard Quest salary comes primarily from his work in CNN International and for being the anchor of Quest Means Business.
Richard Quest wiki page has all the information in regards to his bio. Richard Quest wiki pages, as well as his social networking details, have been searched avidly by all of his fans in the past years.