Marty Sheargold Wife, Kids, Partner and Net worth

Marty Sheargold Wife, Kids, Partner and Net worth

Marty Sheargold Wife, Marty Sheargold Kids, Marty Sheargold Partner, Marty Sheargold Net worth

— Monday, November 7th, 2016

Date of Birth : Jun 19th, 1971
Age :50 Years old
Net Worth :Under Review
Married :Partner: Ange
Height :5 feet 7 inches
Marty Sheargold, an Australian stand-up comedian was born on June 19, 1971. He is one of the popular stand-up comedians in Australia and is loved by the people for what he does. His humorous jokes are loved by the audience. He is also a radio broadcaster in Nova FM. Currently he has been in the Nova Fm and broadcasting the national drive show “Kate, Tim and Marty” with Kate Ritchie and Tim Blackwell. His program has thousands of listeners and loves the show. Their program is Australia’s number one FM drive show. All of them have a great chemistry and their way of presenting the show makes it more interesting.

Early life and Career
Marty was a talented kid in school. He used to participate in extra activities and also was good in his study. His teachers and friends loved him because of his good behavior. He used to tell jokes and make his friends laugh. His favorite school lunch was curried egg sandwich which has prepared by his father on a daily basis. His parents loved him very much. Talking about his career, he began his work as a gap minder and a full time carlsberg tester. After working as a tester, he became an alcoholic. So it was hard for him to work in other places. He was searching for such job that being drunk wouldn’t hamper his job and so he joined the radio station. His first job in radio was replacing Greg Fleet on breakfast radio show in Adelaide. After that, Marty appeared as a guest comedian on the show “Under Melbourne Tonight” broadcasted by RMITV dated 2nd November, 1995. After that he has appeared in many shows like “The Micallef Program”, “The Mick Molloy Show”, “Russell Gilbert Live” and many more. He became a host, creator and wrier on Hahn Ice Headliners
in the year 1997-1998 on “The Comedy Channel”.

Previously, Marty Sheargold used to run the radio show The Shebang with his partner. The show started in 2003 and ended in 2008. Marty Sheargold on-air partner at that time was Fifi Box. Fifi could not bear the mean attitude of Marty anymore and left the show after 18months though she had a contract for 2years. Eventually, he quit his job and became jobless. He organized himself in 2yrs and made a comeback in 2010 with his co-hosts Meshel Laurie and Tim Blackwell in the Nova Brisbane Breakfast Show. Later, Meshel was replaced with Kate Ritchie.    

Meshel, Tim and Marty (Kate, Tim and Marty) 
In the year 2010, Marty joined the Nova 106.9 FM radio station replacing Ash Bradnam. There he started the breakfast show with Meshel Laurie and Tim Blackwell and the show was called (Meshel, Tim and Marty). After a year of running the show, it was so successful and loved by the audience that the show took over from Fitzy and Wippa as the network’s national drive show. Later Meshel was replaced by Kate Ritchie in November 2013and the show was called (Kate, Tim and Marty). Currently the show is Australia’s number one FM drive show.

Wife and Kids
Marty Sheargold was dating with his partner Ange for 4 years. He has two kids and both of them are daughters. Their names are Kitty and Elsie but we are not sure if he is officially married to his wife.

Net worth and Salary
Marty Sheargold salary and net worth is not revealed yet but being a popular radio host, standup comedian and a popular broadcast journalist, his net worth must be huge. We can also say that he is paid attractive wage as his breakfast show has become  Australia’s number one FM drive show.