Kate Welshofer Age, Married, Husband, Wikipedia and Biography

Kate Welshofer Age, Married, Husband, Wikipedia and Biography

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— Saturday, April 15th, 2017

Short Bio

Kate Welshofer is a well-known American journalist. She wanted to be in media from early age. Welshofer has gained wide recognition from her work in Time Warner Cable News and Spectrum News. Kate Welshofer has also been doing YouTube videos featuring her pet cat which has gained wide attention from viewers around the world. Talented Kate Welshofer biography is given below.

Kate Welshofer was born in Western New York. She spent most of her childhood age there. Kate received her education from St. Bonaventure University. From a small age, Welshofer was always interested in creative writings. So, she decided to pursue a career in journalism. 

Career and Path 
Kate began her work as a journalist Time warner Cable News based in Rochester. Welshofer showed extra zeal and did exceptionally well as a journalist. Kate made a first of its kind kids program named News for Kids. It offers a story telling experience for kids who want to later become journalists. She intermingles with fifth and sixth graders who want to become journalist. Her work had been highly appreciated. The program was named News for Kids based in Rochester. 
Kate Welshofer has not only been doing great in the field of journalism but has an excellent career in making YouTube videos in her website and video blog named No Teleprompter, No
Mercy. Welshofer has contributed a lot to Time Warner Cable News and might be widely recognized for being only an anchor, but she has also been an avid social media personality. Her YouTube videos are widely watched by many people around the world. 

Is Kate Welshofer Married? Who is her Husband?  

Kate Welshofer has not married till date. She is single at present. Welshofer has a pet cat named Brian Williams. She features her cat in her web series Briday. Welshofer is quite open to her various experiences ant life and shares it in her social media sites; however, Kate is reluctant on speaking about her relationships and dating history. Kate is not seen with mnay men in public. She is mostly busy in her work. 

Wiki and Facts

Kate Welshofer has a youthful face and blonde hair. Kate Welshofer has been recognized many times by the National Press Photographer’s Association for her exceptional work in journalism. Kate Welshofer’s net worth has been accrued from her vast salary coming from her work as a Spectrum News’ weeknight anchor. Kate Welshofer has had a successful career. Welshofer contributes articles for many sites and newspapers. The very talented and smart, Kate Welshofer’s bio can be found on various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, instagram and more but Kate Welshofer Wikipedia page is absent.