Jon Lovitz Wiki, Dating, Engaged, Married or Gay

Jon Lovitz Wiki, Dating, Engaged, Married or Gay

Jon Lovitz Wiki, Jon Lovitz Dating, Jon Lovitz Engaged, Jon Lovitz Married, Jon Lovitz Gay

— Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Bio and Wiki

Jon Lovitz is a Former Saturday Night Live member, actor and a comedian. He was hardly making any money. In 1984, his fortunes began to turn when he appeared with the Groundlings on The Tonight Show. Because of his natural talent in acting, he was invited to join the cast of Saturday Night Live a year later. Jon Lovitz girlfriend is also an actress. 

Lovitz first fell in love with making others laugh at the age of 5. But Lovitz never considered a career in comedy. Some of Jon Lovitz's comic idols like Woody Allen, Al Jolson and the Marx Brothers, were famous entertainers.
In 1979 after graduating from college, Lovitz joined the Groundlings. Lovitz loved his time with the Groundlings, but he was hardly making any money. So he had to work part-time as a messenger to makes ends meet. In 1984 his fortunes and reputations soon turned, when he appeared with the Groundlings on The Tonight Show.

Net Worth

Jon Lovitz, the funny man has worked well in his career. Jon Lovitz net worth is estimated around $12 million dollars. Jon’s various characters awarded him a nomination for an Emmy award up for grabs for the first two years of SNL.

Is Jon lovitz married to Morgan Fairchild?

Many wonder if Jon is really married to Morgan Fairchild as he seems to have an affair with his girlfriend Jessica Lowndes. He does not look to be the kind of guy who would cheat on his wife.  

Who is Jon Lovitz Dating Now? 

The news that Jon was dating Jessica Lowndes went viral when the 21yr old actress posted on Instagram about their engagement. Jon is most famously remembered for his character of Pathological Liar. It all started with Jessica claiming she
had found the love of her life and posting pictures and videos of engagement ring. Jon played along by tweeting about him and Jessica being together. But then they broke the fact that it was all hoax created for April fool’s day and they are neither dating nor engaged.
At young age, Jon did reveal that he was in love with an older woman. But sadly the woman did not share the same love and affections and broke his heart. However, Jon Lovitz gone from single man having one the most beautiful girl in his arms.  It seems that, Jon is dating with a hot, young and easy on the girl’s eyes. The girl is credited by People magazine list of the top most beautiful people in the world of 2009.
His girlfriend, Jessica Lowndes, is a gorgeous lady. Recently indicated and posted on social media an outdoor adventure with the funny man Jon. Have a significant difference of 31 years between them. It seems that Jon spent no expense and decided to have a wife instead. Sharing this news on social media, his supposed fiance soon apologized to the public saying it was only a joke and that they were not getting married. This will put a stop to his gay rumors.

An actor and a comedian, Jon Lovitz was born in the Los Angeles suburb of Tarzana, California on July 21, 1957. His father was a doctor. He was the only boy of the five children in his family. He shares resemblance to his twin sister. Lovitz attended the prestigious Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles and upon graduating in 1975.  He continued to the University of California at Irvine. There he studied drama under famous acting instructor Robert Cohen.