Fox News Catherine Herridge Net worth, Age, Husband and Bio

Fox News Catherine Herridge Net worth, Age, Husband and Bio

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— Tuesday, January 17th, 2017


Catherine Herridge (age 52years) is a recognized face in American television industry who is currently working for Fox News. According to Catherine Herridge bio, she was born on May 18, 1964 in the USA. She belongs to the military family. She was interested in journalism from the beginning of her childhood days. So she attended Harvard college and the Columbia school of Journalism. She started working for London-based ABC News in her vacation after getting graduation. In 1996, she joined Fox network channel. Since then she has been working for the network and been successful in her career. She was the Chief Intelligence reporter for the fox News Channel. She is engaged in the Department of Homeland Security and Justice Department. She gained her name and fame from the reporting of the 9/11 terrorist attack. She was the only one to cover the area and give an account of the event with the director of House of Intelligence Committee. It was she who reported that
there was no exhibit in the office when the assault unfolded.

Net worth and Salary

Catherine Herridge net worth is around 10 million USD while Catherine salary is estimated at 100000 dollars per year. The talented journalist has reported from different countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar etc. She is engaged in incorporating stories related to ethnic clashes. She is also engaged in the examination concerning the death
of Princess Diana. Catherine got the opportunity to sit with the same military court with Khalid Sheik Mohammed.
Catherine was also a New York Based reporter for the fox broadcasting network for a magazine called Fox files. In the magazine, she heads the examinations related to Medicare misrepresentation. For her contribution to it, she was given the Bronze world medal for respecting incredibleness in interchange media.

Catherine Herridge Married Life- Husband and Son

Catherine is a married woman. She is married to her husband Jeff Miller. Jeff is also a celebrity. She has got a very supportive family. When she took a decision to give her liver to her youthful son, they supported her. Herridge saved her son by liver transplant against cancer. At present, she is involved in lots of programs and organization supporting organ gift.

Height and Wiki Facts

Catherine height is five feet and eight inches. She is also a well-known author besides involving in journalism. Her books have been well received by her fans. She got all the love and support from her fans as an author. Other detailed information about Catherine Herridge bio can be found on the wiki and other networking sites. Her fans can follow her on twitter and get updates from her by her tweets as well. She is also active on Instagram and facebook.  More information about her can be found in IMBD as well.