Ed Henry Bio- Married, Wife, Salary and Net worth

Ed Henry Bio- Married, Wife, Salary and Net worth

Ed Henry Bio, Ed Henry Married, Ed Henry Wife, Ed Henry Salary, Ed Henry Net worth

— Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Date of Birth : Jul 20th, 1971
Age :50 Years old
Net Worth :in millions of $
Married :Shirley Henry (m.2010)
Height :5 feet 11 inch
A popular Fox News Reporter Ed Henry was born on 20th of July, 1971 in Queens, New York. He was the senior White House correspondent for Fox News. He had started his career in 2004.
Ed wanted to be involved in the reporting field from his early age and   was trying to become a successful TV personality in America. At present, he has become so famous that his popularity can be seen in the social media. His accounts can be found on Facebook and Twitter but not in Instagram. His fans can follow him on these sites while they can also watch the video of his shows on Youtube.
Ed got the opportunity to work for CNN in 2006. He worked there for the show “Inside Politics”. After that he became the White House correspondent for CNN. From CNN, his career raised up. There he got the chance to telecast live reports on many important events. It also provided him the chance to become closer to his viewers. One of the most famous reporting of all time, the Las Vegas Courthouse shooting was reported by him.
He had faced many hurdles and problems in his profession but he had successfully overcome them all and reached his current height of success. He had earned both name and fame from this industry. He wanted to be in this field for as long as he can so he has committed his life in this industry.

/> Career
Ed Henry started his career as a political analyst for WMAL. His works were presented in the Morning News and The Christ Core Show. He became very famous among the audience at the company during his tenure.
He left CNN in 2011 and joined the Fox News Channel. After moving from CNN to Fox News, many people thought that he was excited. Later he confirmed that it was his own choice to leave CNN.
For his wonderful performance, he has won many prestigious awards. He won the Everett McKinley Dirksen Award in 2005. In 2008, he was also honored from the White House Correspondents’ Association by the Merrimam Smith Award.

Height, Married and Wife Facts
Ed Henry height is 5 feet 11 inch. He is 44 years now. Earlier, many supposed that he was gay, but these controversies disappeared with news that Ed Henry married his wife. Wedding took place in 2010. Ed Henry wife is Shirley Henry who is a senior producer of BBC. They have two children. They have married happily so there is very little chance of a divorce between them.

Salary and Net worth
Though there is not any official record of Ed Henry salary and net worth, we can easily say that Ed Henry net worth is in millions. Many has assumed salary as the main reason behind Ed’s decision to leave CNN. So, Ed Henry salary at Fox News Channel must be impressive.