CNN Arwa Damon Husband, Salary and Net Worth

CNN Arwa Damon Husband, Salary and Net Worth

CNN Arwa Damon, Arwa Damon Husband, Arwa Damon Salary, Arwa Damon Net worth

— Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017


Arwa Damon was born  on 19th September,1977 at Boston, Massachusetts in the United States.She comes from a well to do family. Her father was a headmaster at a community school in Beirut while her mother was the granddaughter of former Syrian prime minister.From 2006, she works at CNN as the  Arab-American, CNN Senior International Correspondent based in Beirut. Arwa Damon bio is given below. 
Arwa Damon completed her early education from Robert College in Istanbul, Turkey in 1994. In 1999, she graduated with honors and a double major in French and Biology and International Affairs as a minor from Skidmore College, New York. She is fluent in multiple languages including Arabic, French, Turkish and English. She had worked for a textile manufacturer before joining the journalism field. Camera Planet was the first step towards journalism. Her noted work includes the coverage during of political and military activities during the invasion and occupation of Iraq.Arwa Damon has covered various military operations in 2004-2005 and she also reported on the political activities like Iraqi elections of January 2005, the constitutional referendum vote in October 2005, and the Iraqi election of December 2005. In the year 2007, Arwa Damon had reported during the trial and executions of Saddam Hussein, Barzan Ibrahim Hassan al-Tikriti and Awad Hamed al-Bandar.

Salary and Net worth

Arwa Damon is a very high profile journalist working for the CNN. She is known to be a very daring lady who has reported from the most dangerous places on earth. Her work during the Iraw war was really appreciable. Her commitment
and talent for work reveals that she must have a huge salary. Though her exact salary figures are not revealed but Arwa Damon net worth is estimated at USD 3 million.

Is Arwa Damon Married? Who is her Husband? 

Arwa Damon is bold, beautiful and successful so it is hard to believe that she is not engaged in any kind of relationship but the fact remains that there is no information regarding her boyfriend, husband, marriage or children. It is quite a surprise that she has managed to keep most of her personal life behind curtains. We can guess that she is looking forward for a perfect gentleman in her life. Until then, she is focused more on her career than planning for marriage or family life.

Height and Weight

Standing at five feet and seven inches in height, Arwa Damon is a fairly tall lady. She has maintained a perfect physique at the age of 39 years. She has good body measurements of 34-27-35 so she looks good in all kind of dress. Arwa Damon has a very attractive personality with light brown hair and hazel color eyes.

Wiki and Facts

Arwa Damon is an American by nationality, white Arab American by ethnicity and Muslim by religion.  Details about Arwa Damon is also available on Wikipedia and other sites in the internet. She is also active on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter where we can get updated with her daily activities. Arwa Damon has over 118k followers on Twitter with over 7583 tweets. Her username on Twitter is @arwaCNN.