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Nima Elbagir Husband, Married, Net worth, Salary and Height

Abigail Russell     |     February 16, 2017     |     Entertainment

Synopsis Nima Elbagir is one of the few women who served as the correspondent for the top-ranked channel. Since few years, she is serving as a senior international correspondent based in CNN's London bureau. According to Nima Elbagir biography, she was born in Sudan on July 3, 1978. Later at the age of three, she moved to U.S. with her parents. Nima age is 39 years as of 2017.    What Channel Did Nima work for before CNN? In 2011 she joined CNN as a journalist at channel's Johannesburg bureau. After that she moved to Nairobi. Africa has been the center of her ...

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Monica Malpass Net worth, Age, Salary and Bio

Ellen Oon     |     February 16, 2017     |     Entertainment

Short Bio Monica Malpass is a co-presenter of Action News at 5 pm. Previously, she has worked for WPVI. If you are wondering how old is Monica Malpass, her age is 56 years as of 2017. This is because according to Monica Malpass biography, she was born in North Carolina, U.S. on April 28, 1961 to her parents. She grew up with her siblings. She also hosts political debates and many public service segments for 6abc. She she acquired a master's degree in political science from Villanova University in 1999. She had also finished the Inside Washington program at the Brooking Institution. She ...

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Miranda Khan Bio – Age, Wiki, Married and Husband

Ellen Oon     |     February 16, 2017     |     Entertainment

Bio Miranda Khan is a well-known television sensation who is currently working for Newsmax. If you are wondering how old is Miranda Khan, her age is 42yrs as of 2017. She used to do modeling, acting and brand presentation before becoming news presenter. Beautiful Miranda is famous for her roles in Money for Nothing (2009), Quarterlifers (2011) and Assumed Killer (2013). She is living in a lavish house as she has earned huge net worth.   Career  At the beginning, Miranda has hosted several videos and presented many brands. Former TV anchor in Illinois, Miranda, also ...

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Becky Anderson CNN, Husband, Married and Net worth

Elizabeth Murphy     |     February 16, 2017     |     Entertainment

Bio Rebecca “Becky” Anderson is one of the CNN International's highest profile presenters. She hosts the program called "Connect the World with Becky Anderson," which airs weekdays. She is based in CNN's Abu Dhabi bureau, allowing her a unique regional perspective on current hot issues. According to Becky Anderson bio, she was born on November 15, 1967 in London, England.  Career "Becky" Anderson is a senior news anchor.  She has an extensive business reporting experience and she has served in UK's ITN, Bloomberg and CNBC ...

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Michelle Beisner Bio – Net worth, Wiki, Married and Height

Ellen Oon     |     February 13, 2017     |     Entertainment

Wiki Michelle Beisner is a famous journalist for ESPN who is also a member of the Sunday NFL Countdown Crew. Michelle Beisner is not a new name for a sports fan and also the sports lover. She gained huge name and fame in the sports world. According to Michelle Beisner wiki, she was born in the United States of America on 25th April 1969. Thus, her age is 48yrs as of 2017. She holds the American nationality. She belongs to the white ethnicity. Having earned huge net worth, she is living a happy married life with her husband.  Career  Before Beisner began her broadcasting career; ...

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Jessica Schneider Bio – Age, Wiki, Net worth and Married

Elizabeth Murphy     |     February 13, 2017     |     Entertainment

Wiki Jessica Schneider joined CNN as a national correspondent in April 2016. According to Jessica Schneider wiki, she was born in Manchester, England on April 26, 1970. Thus if you are wondering how old is Jessica, she is 47yrs age. She moved to New York with her parents. Journalism had always been Jessica Schneider's craze. Her mother encouraged her to join the TV club, while she was at the age of sixteen. She confidently trusts that a reliable, resourceful journalist must possess as much knowledge as possible. Only with a full breadth of knowledge and education reporter can deliver ...

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Laurie Segall Bio – Age, Married, Wiki, Feet and Net worth

Chris Keitel     |     February 13, 2017     |     Entertainment

Bio Laurie Segall (age 32yrs) was born on August 17, 1986 in Michigan, U.S. She is a technology correspondent at CNN Money covering, VC’s and innovation. Laurie Segall has interview entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates. She had covered major stories ranging from drone technology in Israel to the benefits of digital classrooms. She had also focused on audiences behind the scenes look at tech companies like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. People wonder how old is Laurie. Career Laurie Segall is a senior technology correspondent for CNN Money and editor-at-large for CNN Tech. She ...

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Erika Arias Wiki, Marriage, Bio and Age

Abigail Russell     |     February 13, 2017     |     Entertainment

  Wiki Erika Arias is hosting the morning news weekdays from 4 am to 10 am. According to Erika Arias wiki, she was born in Stoneham, Massachusetts on January 17, 1976. She was raised mostly in California. All journalists have the aim of getting Emmy-award. The famous personality Erika Arias has already got an Emmy-award. She has also been nominated for several times for Fox CT. She is one of the finest journalists, People wonder how old is Arias. Career  Recently she is the host of Fox CT, presenting the morning news weekdays. Earlier she decided to take on the work or ...

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Maureen Maher Biography – Age, Husband, Net worth and Children

Chris Keitel     |     February 10, 2017     |     Entertainment

Short Bio  An American television news reporter Maureen Maher is a resident of Michigan. Many wonder how old is Maureen Maher. There is no exact date that is confirmed regarding her age. According to some wiki sites and a journal published by Loyola University in 2013, Maureen age was 45 years back then. So, by doing simple mathematics, we can easily say that Maher is 49yrs old in 2017.   At present, she serves as a TV host in 48 Hours Mystery. She was given up for adoption instead of growing up with her parents. She belongs to Irish ethnicity and has American nationality. In ...

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Is Louis Walsh Gay and has boyfriend or married with wife and has children

Abigail Russell     |     February 10, 2017     |     Entertainment

Allegation of Louis Walsh Assaulting a man in toilet of Night Club When the news broke out that Louis had assaulted a man in toilet of a Dublin nightclub, his fans wondered is Louis Walsh gay. The news was printed by The Sun newspaper. The news of assault was a blow to his career which led him to think of suicide. But then he decided to fight back and dragged the issue to the court. Fortunately, Louis not only got apology from lawyers of The Sun but he was also given over 400000 pound as compensation. It was a dance teacher Leonard Watters who led people to think Louis Walsh is gay as he ...

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Loni Love Husband, Married, Dating, Boyfriend and Ex Husband

Ellen Oon     |     February 09, 2017     |     Entertainment

Meet Loni Love new Boyfriend Loni Love who is the comedian and “The Real” co-host amazed her fans by talking about her boyfriend while she was called as the guest in famous “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Loni revealed that she was dating with Sam those days. The show became more interesting when Loni Love boyfriend Sam was brought on stage as the special guest. Sam was only 23years back in 2014 as he was born on 1990. Comparing the age of Love, he was much younger.    How Did Loni Love Meet Sam? Loni revealed that she met with Sam for the first time ...

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Laura Whitmore Age, Dating, Boyfriend, Husband and Wiki

Abigail Russell     |     February 08, 2017     |     Entertainment

Bio Laura Whitmore is an Irish television personality and the hottest presenter. According to Laura Whitmore bio, she was born on May 4, 1985. Thus, if you are wondering how old is Laura Whitmore, she is 31yrs old. She was born and raised in Bray, Ireland to her Irish parents. She grew up with her two half-brothers. She also gained fame from her modeling career based in England. She also served for MTV Europe, RTE and many more. Laura also worked as the spokeswoman for "Because I AM a Girl" charity clothing campaign as well. Laura educated from the Dublin University, where she ...

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Hallie Jackson Bio – Age, Height, Husband, Legs and Feet

Ellen Oon     |     February 06, 2017     |     Entertainment

Bio Hallie Jackson age (32 years) is the White House correspondent of NBC News. She is famous for her coverage of the presidential campaign of Ted Cruz. She has worked for several television channels which shows her compassion and enthusiasm for journalism. She is a very powerful and dedicated anchor with very charming personality and fun loving character. If you are wondering how old is Hallie Jackson, she is 32 yrs old and living a happy married life with her husband.   Professional Life After her graduation in 2006 Hallie started off her career. At first she worked in the ...

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Kate Fagan Bio – Age, Wiki, Gay, Lesbian and Body Measurements

Ellen Oon     |     January 30, 2017     |     Entertainment

Bio Kate Fagan (age 35years) is a very well-known sports reporter and caster. She is a famous commentator employed by ESPN, which is prior joining the ESPN staff. She served as the Philadelphia Inquirer's beat writer for NBA's Philadelphia 76ers. The lady has formerly held the American nationality. According to Kate Fagan bio, she was born and raised in Warwick, Rhode Island, the USA. She was born on 15th November 1981 to her parents. Her father was a professional basketball player and mother served as a sales representative. From the University of Colorado, she graduated with a ...

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Danielle Cohn Age, Boyfriend, Height and Bio

Abigail Russell     |     January 29, 2017     |     Entertainment

Bio Danielle Cohn (age 13years) was born in Florida on 7th March 2004. According to Danielle Cohn bio, she is the winner of Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Queen 2015. She is a very young girl but her success looks like of the women in thirties. Even at the smaller age, she has achieved her goal. She is very much devoted to her career. Danielle Cohn is also the shooting star in the modeling field. Since she has raised herself to a successful star at an early age, everyone is curious to know how old is Danielle Cohn. Career and Net worth The beautiful Danielle has proved her passion and intense ...

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Anne Hegerty Biography - Age, Married, Husband, Children and Family

Chris Keitel     |     January 16, 2017     |     Entertainment

Biography Anne Solway Hegerty (age 58 years) is the English television personality who is better known as Anne Hegerty. She is of British nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. Acccording to Anne Hegerty biography, she is a former journalist and a freelance editor who was born in 14th July 1958 in City of Westminster, London, England. In Wood Green she was raised by her parents Kenneth and Shirley Brereton Hegerty. Currently she serves as a "Chasers" on the ITV game show "The Chase", Paul Sinha, and Jenny Ryan.  Salary and Net worth She was very talented ...

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