Anton Enus SBS, Bio, Age, Birthday, Parent, Dating and Partner

Anton Enus SBS, Bio, Age, Birthday, Parent, Dating and Partner

Anton Enus SBS, Anton Enus Bio, Anton Enus Age, Anton Enus Birthday, Anton Enus Parents, Anton Enus Dating, Anton Enus Partner

— Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Date of Birth : Sep 14th, 1961
Age :59 Years old
Net Worth :Millions

Short Bio and Age
According to the SBS News anchor, Anton Enus bio, he is a native Australian born and raised in the city of South Africa. Although his wiki doesn’t deliver much information about his Anton Enus parents and early childhood, But he celebrates his Anton Enus birthday on 14th September every year and currently Anton Enus age is 56. Anton belongs to white ethnicity.

Salary and Net worth
His long Anton Enus SBS involvement proves that he is bounded by a well-paid deal and probably earns a huge salary. Although his details of incomes are not revealed, he superficially enjoys a net worth which is projected to be in millions.
In addition, he ultimately won the award for Best International Report for his story marking the 25th Anniversary of Chris Barnard’s heart transplant. In 1999, the news anchor joined the SBS world news and has been representing news bulletins since then. He has more than twenty-five years of experience in the Journalist broadcasting career.
The news anchor had also spent seven years in CNN World Report, a global news program as a correspondent.
Is Anton Enus Dating His Gay Partner Roger Henning or Already Married Him?

Anton Enus has been an open supporter of the LGBT community and is continually working for the welfare of gay and lesbian community. He became one of the founding members of South African Gay and Lesbian Sports Movement In 1980.
Even after being a
supporter of LGBT, Anton shocked the world when he revealed his gay partner Roger Henning. The gay couple is together ever since 1989. They have cherished all the moments that they have been together for more than twenty years.
Enus had even shared the beautiful conversation with Henning in a lovely Facetime chat between the two and updated his fans about it on Twitter on 8th May 2016. In addition,the two has not revealed any details of their love whether being their engagement or a possible wedding.

Anton Enus Getting Rid Of Cancer:
Cancer is just another chapter in one’s life and not their whole story. Anton Enus, the SBS News anchor had gone through the hardest phase of his life when the doctor detected him with cancer. But even being detected with bowel cancer, he fought hard and completed the demanding chapter of his journey where he had constant support of his partner Roger Hennings.
But he is thankful for the gastroenterologist to identify the disease at an early stage and cure it with many radiation and Chemotherapy sessions.

Height and Wiki:
Although Anton has not revealed his height, he stands at a decent height and has a healthy body physique which goes well with the undisputable personality Anton is active on social media like Twitter and Instagram with a  huge fans following him. More info on his personal and professional life can be found on Anton Enus Wikipedia and other wiki sites.